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As a global organisation, you require robust HR and payroll solutions that can match your scale and multi-country footprint, is customisable to your precise operational needs and is able to be integrated to your core systems. Our technology solutions fulfils these needs, with the added bonus of being accessible for your employees and managers anytime, anywhere whether it is web or mobile.

The OS HRS Value Proposition

Comprehensive Employee Self-Service module

Automated payroll processing system

Multi-language, multi-currency support

Seamless integration with top software systems

Up-to-date global compliance expertise

Human Resources Management System by OS HRS

Payroll and Statutory Module

Detailed payroll calculations for every employee with required statutory contributions

Workforce Management Module

Full-suite workforce management functions from Time and Attendance, Leave, Casual Labour and more

Claims, Travel and Expenses Module

Simplify claims, travel and expense requests and approvals, customizable to your specific policies

Personnel and Talent Management Module

Keep employee information up-to-date and manage applications, learning and development and more

Corazon Payroll Engine by OS HRS

Core Payroll Processing Technology

Customisable to your organisations needs and integratable with key platforms (Oracle, SAP, Workday and others)

Streamlined Salary Payments

Timely and accurate salary output in accordance to statutory regulations

Statutory Reporting and Submission

Proactive compliance updates with the latest statutory requirements

Global, Regional and Country-specific Reporting

Manage your global HR and payroll data easily from a single system

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FAQ On Our Global Human Capital Management System

If you have yet to find a human capital management technology solution to take your global organisation’s Human Resource Management to the next level, then an all-in-one cloud Human Resource Management System might be the answer you are looking for.

A Human Capital Management system or HCM system is a set of HR software applications utilised by HR professionals in managing internal human resource functions.

HCM systems provides support and automation for various HR-related processes throughout the lifecycle of employees of an organisation, which in turn increases efficiency and allows a better understanding of the workforce.

Apart from having more effective and efficient Human Capital management, HCM software also allows organisations to remain compliant with tax laws and labour regulations, which are known to change from time to time.

So, if your organisation wants to stay at the top of the game, OS HRS offers full-scale enterprise and cloud-based HCM software that is customizable to your global business needs.

Our HCM software application offers a multitude of human capital management activities all in one place. These include payroll processing, employee data management, employee attendance, employee development, hiring talent and workforce management and others.

The HCM system by OS HRS offers four main modules:

HCM for Payroll & Statutory Management

The OS HRS Payroll & Statutory Module provides detailed and accurate payroll calculations for every employee with required statutory contributions.

HCM for Workforce Management

The OS HRS Workforce Management Module provides effective full-suite workforce management functions from Time, Attendance, Leave, Casual Labour and others.

HCM for Claims, Travel & Expenses Management

The OS HRS Claims, Travel & Expenses Module provides simplification of claims, travel and expense requests and approvals that cater to your specific organisational policies.

HCM for Personal & Employee Talent Management

The OS HRS Personal & Talent Management Module allows you to keep employee information up-to-date as well as manage employee learning and development, just to name a few.

The application of a HCM System into your HR management processes is an essential upgrade if you wish to increase efficiency, which is what every organisation aims to achieve.

HCM software provides seamless and comprehensive management for all HR-related activities in one place. The updating and automation of data into the HCM software is also a time-saver for HR professionals as it will allow them more time to focus on more meaningful HR matters.

Apart from that, having HCM software also provides an organisation with the vital data that they need to understand their workforce better and make more informed decisions. OS HRS all-in-one cloud HCM solutions provide all of this and more to keep your organisation running smoothly and efficiently while maintaining better productivity in the workplace.

Your employees are at the centre of your organisation’s success, making them one of the most important and valuable resources of your organisation. So, it is crucial that success is also reflected in how your organisation manages your people.

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