Key Imperatives For Successful Global HR Outsourcing Partnerships: Global Cohesion vs Local Flexibility & Compliance

Published on 17 Feb 2022

This post is the second in our blog series on “Key Imperatives for Successful Global HR Outsourcing Partnerships.” Over the coming weeks we will dive deeper into each topic. You may find the full collection of blog posts here.

In our introductory post in this series, we explored what is required for a successful HR outsourcing partnership. Your HR outsourcing partner must not only actively ensure that your organisation stays compliant across borders, it should also internalises its role to service your wide network of employees accurately and on time. Ultimately, the relationship should transcend that of vendor-client to one of partners in HR strategy and innovation.

We discovered the five key imperatives for successful global HR outsourcing partnerships, which are:

  1. Global cohesion vs. local flexibility & compliance

  2. Managed services as enablers of strategic HR

  3. Smarter levers for outsourcing value

  4. Co-create to innovate

  5. Keeping an eye on the digital bottom-line

Today, we deep dive into the first essential characteristic that should anchor your outsourced HR partnerships, which is achieving the right balance of global cohesion and local flexibility and compliance.

Global Cohesion vs. local flexibility & compliance

Despite the increasingly globalised nature of payroll, businesses still struggle with balancing global payroll oversight for cost visibility and reporting purposes with flexibility to suit the business needs of local operations and labour laws


From employee data protection to handling of their contingent workforce, managers of international payroll managed services are overwhelmed by rapidly evolving new and existing regulations, and only 51% of them are confident they are getting the support they need. On top of that, they often have to deal with a fragmented vendor landscape due to vendors’ inability to cover each and every country footprint under one platform, even if most of them agree that it makes sense both cost-wise and operationally to consolidate delivery globally.

Finding a payroll provider with an overlapping country footprint – reflective of both the business’ existing and strategic geographical presence – can be worth the extra mile. This includes providers with specialist expertise in country-specific statutes & policies, end-to-end service delivery (e.g., filings & remittances) with integrated tech and operations. Otherwise, those relying on subcontractors or a third-party stack may lead to longer lead-times, delivery mishaps and even non-compliance penalties for the end client.


At OS HRS, our very mission is to expand our footprint to match those of our clients, in order to provide a centralised payroll outsourcing solution. With 20 countries and counting, we have successfully grown with some of our biggest clients over the last 20 years of our partnership. We innovate solutions together, from executing digital Time and Attendance solutions to Covid-19 Health & Safety modules, which can be explored in-depth in our Case Studies section of this website. Our dedicated statutory compliance unit stays on top of the ever-changing HR and payroll regulatory landscape worldwide, so that you don’t have to. And finally, our global payroll and HR technology solution provides our customers with the assurance of a standardised global payroll experience that is compliant across borders.

Our experienced team is ready to help you get started. For more information, click on the “Get Started” button at the top right of the page to arrange to talk to us today.

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