White Papers

Sharing our knowledge and expertise

We at OS HRS have deep expertise in executing multi-country payroll, backed by over 20 years of experience in technology innovation, HR and payroll managed services and global statutory compliance. It only made sense to us to share our knowledge with others to achieve our mission to inspire global businesses to transform their HR and payroll.

In our White Papers below, we provide detailed commentary and focused analysis on important topics related to the optimization of global HR and payroll processes of multinational organisations.

Eliminating Complexities in Year-end Global Payroll: An Industry Perspective

Even though we have witnessed great advancements in payroll processing technology, payroll teams across the globe continue to experience an anxious anticipation for the year-end period. 

In our inaugural White Paper, we take a look at what is involved in managing year-end payroll activities on a global scale. We then consider the solutions available for multinational enterprises to ease the pain of year-end payroll.