Payroll Integration

Integrating payroll with other enterprise systems

In today's complex business environment, it's more important than ever to have a well-integrated set of enterprise systems. This includes your payroll system, which is responsible for processing employee payments and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.

Payroll Integration Matters

Payroll integration is crucial for streamlined and efficient business operations. It ensures accurate and timely processing of employee wages, taxes, and benefits, reducing errors and compliance risks. Integration eliminates manual data entry, saving time and effort. Seamless integration with HR and accounting systems enhances data consistency and enables better financial planning. Ultimately, it empowers organizations to focus on core tasks, boost productivity, and maintain employee satisfaction.

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Some common pain points of standalone payroll systems include:


Loss of productivity managing manual settings, mass uploads, transfers, and reconciliations between systems, be it employee data or general ledger figures and mapping vital to the organisation’s financial reporting

Incompliance and Inaccuracy

Siloed and out-of-date data, as data requires long lead-time to be transferred and ingested, leading to bottlenecks, inaccurate processing and payments and worse still, non-compliance


Mismatch in output and input file and data formats, requiring manual massaging and splitting of files and other out-of-system actions with further risk of human error, potentially leading to audit and governance notices

How payroll integration benefits your business:

Improved accuracy and efficiency: With your payroll system integrated with your HR and Finance systems, the need to manually update and transfer data and files between systems is automated, reducing the risk of errors and freeing up your team’s time to focus on other tasks.

Enhanced compliance: Through the integration of your payroll system and your HR system, the latest employee information is used to compliantly calculate and process variable pay, allowances and statutory payments such as taxes. Similarly for your Finance system, all employee payments are tracked and accounted for properly per your organisation’s policies.

Improved employee experience. When employees can access their payroll information and make changes to their personal details directly through your HR system with the peace of mind that it will be reflected in their payroll. By giving them a better experience, this can lead to increased productivity and satisfaction.

Improved employee experience. When employees can access their payroll information and make changes to their personal details directly through your HR system, it gives them a better experience. This can lead to increased productivity and satisfaction.

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A Proven Track Record

OS HRS has helped our clients design and execute such integrations tailor-fit to the needs of their business, employees and technology landscape. Our experienced inhouse developers are well-versed at integrating across global HRMS platforms such as Oracle HCM, Workday and SAP Successfactors to ensure standardisation and compliance towards unified interfaces across files formats, channels, frequencies and data fields. On the ground, we have also worked to integrate our payroll and employee self-service systems to global HR systems to enable localisations and right-sized deployments for a variety of organisations to balance business intelligence, productivity cost-efficiency and employee experience.


At OS HRS, we do not see integrations as merely actions to connect systems, but they can be opportunities to streamline long-held processes, improve or update functions and deliverables against latest business needs, standardise common business actions to drive governance and transparency across complex organisations, or to introduce ways to localise complex, global deployments to fit the unique payroll and workforce needs of local and regional entities.


Change and transformation are constants in business, and OS HRS has supported some of the world’s largest organisations in their journey between HR and ERP systems. Through a time-tested methodology, supplemented by technical personnel trained in the bleeding edge of what the market has to offer in enterprise software integrations, we are able to shift, adjust and guide any transitions across master systems with minimal disruptions to day to day payroll operations and delivery.

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