Global Data Security Standards

Upgrading data security & globalized standards for a leading financial services provider



The challenge

The requirements and security challenges for HR data for our client is especially rigorous, due to the financial services industry being highly regulated across multiple countries. The company was facing trouble finding a consolidated, international provider that would be able to serve its multi-country presence to the high regulatory standards required.

Our Client

Our client is a leading Swiss financial services company, with operations in all major financial centres around the world providing services in investment banking, private banking, asset management and shared services.  Their focus is on strengthening and simplifying the integrated financial services model and investing in sustainable growth, while placing risk management at its core.

The OS HRS Solution

Our client success teams worked closely with the client to determine the specific multi-country requirements and footprint required. We expanded our statutory compliance coverage in order to fully support the client's footprint. Most importantly, we offer centralised payroll managed services which allows for improved scale and data consolidation.

Able to deliver on and run large scale operations with global reach for multi-country operations

Creates a dedicated regulations and compliance team for client specific needs

Increased data security

The Result

Quick migration support

One stop center for multi-country needs

Compliance with multi-country statutory requirements

Seamless integration with existing systems for accuracy and transparency of data reporting