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Employees Are Welcoming Payroll ESS Portals

Published on 15 Jun 2022

Process improvement has always been the driver of innovation for any industry as organisations seek out a competitive advantage via improved efficiency.  Innovations in payroll ESS portal is not an exception. What is a payroll ESS portal? It is a software tool that allows its users to automate HR tasks, including payroll, payslips, leave requests and more. These applications are designed to be user-friendly so that HR and administrative personnel can focus on other higher-value tasks in their line of work.

Many large multinational corporations have a significant number of employees and  therefore have found significant value in utilizing payroll ESS portals. As the popularity of self-service HR software grows, this creates new opportunities for organisations that are expanding to gain the benefits of this technology at a reasonable cost. 

If you're looking at implementing a payroll employee self-service (ESS) portal for your organisation, you may be wondering how it can benefit your business. Here are a few reasons why adopting ESS is important:

1. A simple way to make your corporation more efficient

Using a payroll ESS portal, employees are granted instant access to their payroll information and can amend any personal information on their own, directly. This can also be reassuring for the employees and employers as there is less room for error when you’re filling in official company documents. Payroll processing can also be done at a much faster rate due to the automations in place.

According to research by McKinsey, a service portal handling your HR processes and employee information can reduce the workload in the HR department by 40%. This means that your HR department will have a lot more time focused on other higher-value tasks.

2. Raise employee satisfaction levels

In every corporation, employees are constantly striving for more straightforward ways to handle routine tasks, which is what a payroll ESS portal provides. In fact, according to a survey by Gartner, 80% of employees have sought a more convenient manner to streamline their tasks, including payroll processing, information updating, etc.

Using a customised payroll ESS portal, HR employees no longer have to spend hours on end on labour-intensive administrative tasks. This opens up both time and energy for them to focus on more fulfilling tasks. Not only that, satisfaction levels across the board will improve as payroll can be produced automatically, accurately, and on-time. All payroll documents and information is also made available on-demand and can be accessed by employees at any given time. 

3. Global access to data with increased accuracy

With organisations moving to a global stage, the need for an integrated system to manage their employees’ administrative tasks becomes higher. Global access not only gives employees the ability to edit their own data but also for HR managers to be on top of their company’s confidential information. This includes the likes of consolidated company HR data, leave, company policies and payroll information.

Employing a payroll ESS portal allows employees and managers to handle their administrative work remotely.

Factors to consider before choosing the right payroll ESS portal

With the abundance of digitised systems present, how do you, as a concerned employer, choose the right one for your company? An important factor you should consider includes the ease of integration of the chosen employee portal into your company’s current operating system.

Next, select a service provider that is not only able to provide you the solutions required but also has a proven track record in service excellence., be it in the areas of payroll tracking digitalisation, employee self-checking or even employee management.

At the end of the day, remember that a payroll ESS portal needs to serve the needs of  both employees and employers from a management and economic perspective. The right solution will change the way your corporation operates and transform your whole HR department.


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