Cyber and Data Security

Protecting your data is our utmost priority

We are dedicated to ensuring your payroll data is secure alongside extensive and multi-faceted business structures, process, technology and organisational requirements

Your data security matters to us

In today's digital age, cyber and data security is paramount for all businesses, but it is especially important for multinational organizations with complex structures and patchworks of systems. Payroll data is particularly sensitive, as it includes personal information such as social security numbers, birthdates, and home addresses. A data breach could have serious consequences for employees, the organization, and even the global economy.

Protecting our Client’s data is our utmost priority here at OS HRS – even more so when you have the business-critical data of over 50,000 Fortune 500 employees of our clients alongside their extensive and multi-faceted business, process, technology and organisational requirements. Security forms a pivotal part of how we approach our products, systems and processes. We provide round-the-clock protection and monitoring, cutting-edge technology and practices, and third party certification and governances – so you can rest assured your employees and their data are safe with us.

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Industry grade data hosting & protection

OS HRS hosted data is stored in Tier III data centers, ensuring 99.982% uptime, redundant systems for maintenance, and multiple power and cooling paths.

Each client has dedicated environments, with separate UAT and production servers, ensuring operational continuity, data accuracy, and integrity.

100% back-up at disaster recovery data centre with end-to-end data encryption between client and OS HRS environments

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified

Global statutory monitoring and client deployment updates

Dedicated statutory monitoring team, with weekly newsletter and client updates

Compliance with global data privacy and data handling practices

Data retention, management, hosting and deletion practices in line with local regulations, augmented with client-specific policies

In-house Centre of Excellence model with domain experts keeping in tune with evolving regulations and compliance practices

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Operational practices

24/7 server uptime and incident monitoring and response through automated SIEM programme and workflows

End-to-end data auditing and testing during implementation

Cybersecurity training programme for all staff members, with additional training for technical team members

Regularly updated and tested policies around business continuity, risk management, cyber and data security, etc. to cater to latest threats and requirements

Proven experience collaborating with Fortune 500 organizations' global risk, data, and IT security teams to achieve compliance with global regulations and internal policies during local and regional deployments.

Proactive governance and third party review

Annual code review, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing

Enterprise information security architecture

Advance threat monitoring

Yearly ISAE3402/SOC 1 Type 2 audit, with additional audits performed for specific complex client deployments and processes

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