Time & Attendance

Streamline your workforce management by accurately tracking employee hours and automating payroll calculations, ensuring efficient and error-free payroll processing.

We Provide Accurate Time & Attendance Tracking

Streamline your business operations with our advanced time and attendance systems. Providing accurate tracking of employee work hours, ensuring efficient management of schedules and payroll.

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Streamline your payroll process effortlessly by seamlessly integrating time and attendance tracking, ensuring accurate and efficient compensation for your workforce

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Pre & Post-Approval

Shift-Based Scheduling

Admin-Based; Blue Collar

Punched System

Case Studies

Discover how OS HRS supports global enterprises in overcoming complexities in Asia Pacific payroll

Global Payroll Digitalisation

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Global Data Security Standards

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Global HR Regulatory Compliance

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Global HR and Payroll Technology Innovation

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Global Payroll Digitalisation: Time & Attendance

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Insurance and Benefits

Experience seamless claim processing and approvals, while staying integrated in your payroll.

Payroll Systems

As Asia Pacific payroll experts, we are dedicated to helping you simplify your payroll complexity.

Global Compliance Expertise

Our statutory compliance experts provide proactive support for your payroll requirements in countries across Asia Pacific

We are an award-winning multi-country payroll outsourcing solutions provider

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